Prints are available for most of the photographs. The size that the photos can be printed varies a great deal because they were captured using different cameras with differing resolution over several years time.

If you are interested in a print of a specific image, please contact me with the name of the image and what size you would like. I will respond with price and availabillty.

The prints range in size from small (14 x 11) up to extra large (60 x 30) - but not all images can be printed in a large size.

Prints are all archival quality on canvas. Smaller prints are framed; larger prints are gallery wrapped.

Trumpeter Swans and Cascades - Using a long telephoto on a very crisp, clear fall afternoon, I made the right half when the swans were flying past, then shot the left side focusing on the mountains. View is from Skagit Valley looking east.

Atchafalaya Stillness - Late afternoon reflections of the cypress trees on still water. Like all of these panoramas, I put two frames together manually in Photoshop to create the image width. All are made hand held.

Lake Union Summer Sailing - Late afternoon summer and all the sailboats are out. Notice all the construction cranes in the city - Seattle's crazy building boom underway.

Central California Rolling Pasture - Graceful Coastal Oak and rolling hills near San Luis Obispo, California.

Los Angeles from the Getty Museum - Somewhat rare rain clouds in the distance behind downtown Los Angeles, California.

Fishing Boats in Petersburg, Alaska - Commercial fishing boats - mostly salmon seiners - docked at the wharf in Petersburg.

Reflecting Horses - Group of horses pause for a little water play in eastern Washington pond.

Seattle from Puget Sound - Ferry returning from Vashon Island affords great vantage point for photographing the Seattle waterfront.

Deer in Meadow - Lone deer surveys the meadow at Hurricane Ridge on beautiful Olympic Mountains summer day.

Deer at Ocean Shores - Blacktail Deer roam freely about the town of Ocean Shores, Washington. Visitors with cameras don't bother them too much.