• Wild Kiger Mustangs near Steens Mountain, Oregon

  • The BLM gather of Kiger Mustangs, preliminary to public auction of surplus horses

  • Shy fox from a trip to Yellowstone

  • Seattle has a group of Arctic wolves at the zoo - a great place to practice wildlife photography

  • Kiger Mustang mom and young colt

  • Bison with calf at Yellowstone

  • Amazing landscape of Yosemite - dry riverbed

  • Snowy Owl does a little dance after landing

  • Pinto family from the wild herd at Steens Mountain South Loop

  • Snowy Egret overhead

  • With red eyes against black and white, the Horned Grebe is striking

  • Great White Egret preening

  • A pair of Goldfinches, the Washington state bird

Documenting and sharing the wonders of our One Earth with modern photography

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This is the Internet home of Marlin Greene - Nature photography. Like most websites, this one is changing and evolving. For the past couple of years I have been working with the wild Kiger Mustangs in eastern Oregon. A lot of the newer images here will reflect that interest. There are also images of other wild creatures, birds, and landscapes.

In addition to taking photos I teach Photoshop, the digital darkroom. Photoshop is the world standard for digital image manipulation. I am now offering two levels of Photoshop workshops:
      The more advanced Photoshop session for people who own Photoshop CS6.
      An entry level Photoshop Elements session for people who own this more affordable program.

I also take groups on photo trips from time to time to teach basic digital camera skills. Contact me if you want to get on the list for a trip. Use the Contact Page for questions about workshops, trips, print sales, or other inquires — I don’t do Facebook.

Many of the photographs on this site are available printed on mat paper or canvas. I use archival quality paper, canvas and archival inks. Some smaller pieces are bonded to wood board, larger pieces are framed. Some prints are available at Blackfish Gallery in La Conner, WA.


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